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Audion, the first electronic device, was discovered by Lee  De Forest in 1906. Now we know  about one century of audio electronic past behind us. And we still have some new design to build.


Lebel Audio was founded in 2013 to fullfill a single promise -- pushing the limits of field-production products. Today, the first product, PWL III, is a simple system, but efficient. It shows the way how audio design can be pushed farther to get the best product. And as "simple is the best", it is not often the easiest way to go.

Lebel audio products are engineered by our design team that is obsessed with providing robust, intuitive products that improve our customers' workflow. Built with parts from suppliers worldwide, Lebel Audio products are assembled in Paris, France. Our skilled assemblers have pride in the products, the company and the customers we serve.

We hope you feel as strongly about your Lebel Audio products as we do.

The Lebel Audio Team

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Lebel SAS
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